Betty Jean Nativio

As a rooster crows, the last of the morning drew struggles on the avocado leaf in November’s cool breeze, but manages to give me a wink as if to remind me of all my blessings and gifts. I know it sounds corny but Nestled in the forest of Kalihiwai Valley is where I paint, write, weave, cook and love. This is a far cry FROM the place I grew up, Cleveland Ohio.

Born in l954, the fourth of l2 children. We were city kids, but grew gardens and always made gifts.  I often wonder how my Mom had the time for the poetry she wrote to celebrate our significant moments in growing up. My first art teachers were my Mom and Dad who always demonstrated that you could make something from nothing, the importance of being yourself and nurturing the mind.  

My father was a good example as we would hand him the necessary tools to finish the mural of the moon with the sleeping cat for the baby room and the tiny bench with the heart cut out details.  

My early career as an artist began as a cook. I brought those skills with me to Kauai in l985 and grew fresh herbs to work with in restaurants, and had a small catering business.

The tourism cycle allowed me the free time and the necessity to use my imagination.

Besides my paintings, I made wreaths, and off to the craft fairs I would go, eventually adding a line a greeting cards and stationary. Before long I started entering local art shows (Kauai Society of Artist, Garden Isle Art Council) and hanging work in the local restaurants.  These experiences were very positive and have allowed me to blossom as a painter and teacher.

Please view my creative works through this website and feel free to contact me.

Mahalo, Betty Jean
808 828 1159


Betty Jean