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School of ChocolART  

“The School of ChocolART can make you really smart!"
 (from the School of ChocolART song)

In my quest for sharing my skills as an artist it was easy to see that you can get kids to pay attention when it’s chocolate you’re talking about. This class has developed into a fun learning experience for both children and adults.

Chocolate candy course takes approximately an hour and a half.  This includes:
 • Making a pastry cone from parchment paper
 • Chef’s hat
 • A gift box of chocolates crafted by the up and coming ChocolARTIST
 • And of course the The School of ChocolART song!

We discuss the history of chocolate, cooking tools and use math and science in ways that will inspire the chocolART student for years to come.

This is a traveling classroom, perfect for preschools, home schools and visitors or group events.

Gift Certificates are available for a unique and personal experience that's sure to keep on giving.

Prices start at $75, plus $5 per student.
Cost varies depending on the number of students per class.
808 828 1159

© Betty Jean Nativio reserves all rights to the School of ChocolART and song.